Pree Kolari


Senior Leader of Designers and Design Researchers working with some amazing people.

Pree blends design, engineering and deep understanding of human behavior to ship innovative products and services. He has broad, cross-functional expertise in scaling Product Design and User Experience Research.

Pree is driven to serve customers through empathy, co-creation and exceptional craftsmanship. He has built world-class & global teams, led big-picture strategy, inspired global vision, and delivered revolutionary end-to-end experiences inside several fortune 100 companies. 

Previously, he was Sr. Director of Design Strategy and Research at eBay, Director of Research at Motorola Mobility (a google company), Innovation Strategist at Microsoft working on first version of Xbox Kinect, Windows Phone 7 and Lync. He was also VP at SonicRim working with several fortune 500 companies like Intel, Samsung, Microsoft, Sony, BBC  in 20 plus countries.

He co-founded MemeTales which went on to be one of the featured apps on the apple app store and had about half a million downloads.

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Designers, brace yourself, we are about to lose control

  The discipline of Design has changed a lot in the last few years. From the 50s to the late 1900s we became known for well designed industrial products. As we moved to websites and apps, we talked about creating the experience. Today we are at a fork in the road again. Messaging apps are […]

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Pause for a minute. Who is a designer?

Look at these pictures. Recognize anybody? Charlotte Perriand designed several chairs with Le Corbusier including the B301 sling chair and B306 chaise lounge chair. Satoshi Yasui leads the team at Muji and is responsible for their ultimate simplification of daily household products. Susan Kare designed the icons on the Mac in the early eighties including […]

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What is your leadership Mindset?

This practice of maintaining a leadership mindset and keeping it updated was a practice I learned from a a long time mentor and ex-Microsoft exec., Brad Carpenter. Thanks Brad. A lot of people have become better because of you! This document outlines how I lead and manage the people working with me. I will never […]

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Intuition driven design is 10 pounds of shit in a five pound bag.

Would you want one person’s intuition driving your product? Sure if it is Steve Jobs and maybe Frank Gehry, but who else? When someone says intuition-driven, the first thing that occurs to me is that they have not given it enough thought. Most good designers I know are deep thinkers. They are sensitive to the […]

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Happiness hack: Intermittent fasting from smartphones

Practice “Be here now” by putting off non-urgent apps on ice for a few hours every day. picture credits: tacoekkel A lot of us are addicted to our phones and the hundreds of apps that notify us or distract us from being present. If your new year resolution is to spend more time with people and […]

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Designing the right product is 1/3 the job

Having a successful product takes more than just designing the right product. I always think of this in 3 phases, and it helps me and my teams simplify the design intent. Very early in the product development process, we are looking for a product that resonates with the user, is innovative and has the possibility […]

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One question that lets you cut right through small talk.

As a nerd and geek, I grew up with comics. Superman, Spiderman, and Phantom were very common in India around that time. So inspired by my past, I asked a question about superpower and kryptonite during one of my interviews. Then I asked it again to a co-worker and once again during a performance review. […]

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How can teams be as smart as the bees

Ever since I started keeping honey bees, I am very intrigued by hives and how they are similar to organizations. You probably know that bees work together as a swarm, but what does it mean? They have a queen bee. However, they do not wait for orders from the queen. Her primary job is to […]

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