Quality products, well-crafted experiences, and innovative design cultures

I am a strong cross-functional design leader with expertise in engineering, fine art, industrial design, content, and international research (50+ countries).

I have worked with some of the greats in design and technology, path-breakers in participatory design, the application of research, and the future of natural interfaces.

I envision what products can be based on human aspiration, market insight, nextgen technology, and delightful design. The most successful design cultures and products are co-created with users and partners across an organization. I operate through design thinking, participatory design, prototyping with code, shared OKR’s, and clear design metrics.


Building a product dream involves synthesizing diverse perspectives and data, translating ideas, specifications, and user needs into a design strategy and memes. It is critical to identify the key, differentiated experience and level of craft to drive the industry forward and delivery products people will love.

I work to democratize the world we live in, to drive positive change for billions of people by building design teams and products that are reflective of the diversity of the users.

When not at work I can be found in the Sierras with my family or tending to bees in our urban garden

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Safe Dashboard: Predicting cyber breaches. Setting up a scalable design system

Aurdrino based greens maintainance

Manytinyfarms: Solving a wicked hard problem of food for the next hundred years

Boson: Self driving electric trucks for automating farm work. Brand and design.

Recently, I have been enabling b2b and marketplace startups to build beautiful, simple, and efficient designs and achieve rapid human-centered product-market fit. I have operated as a design advisory board member, fractional design leader, and investor at several startups. I have also mentored young companies at 500Startups and FalconX B2B incubator.

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Data driven iteration for ebay 5.0 that resulted in highest rated e-commerce app

Presented to the exec board and shipped ebay on google home

Whichbox: Helping sellers with the power of Augmented Reality

eBay is a 90Bil $ GMV online marketplace that connects a global network of buyers and sellers. It has 180M of users in 23 countries.

My mandate was to further establish our design culture, pick winning solutions, and grow our user base. I co-created, prototyped, placed bets, and shipped successful solutions for the future of e-commerce; search, browse, selling, payment systems, monetization services, and more.

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MotoX Always on display is now the standard sleep state on 2 Billion Android phones

Moto-360 reinvented the round face for digital watches

Moto G became the most sold phone in Brazil and highest sold foreign phone in India

Motorola Mobility is a multinational telecommunication company selling mobile phones in more than 50 countries. It was sold to Google in 2012, and acquired by Lenovo in 2014.

My mandate was to lead the global hardware and software design research and strategy while leading teams in multiple countries. Our remit at Motorola was to marry innovative hardware with amazing software to 10x the user experience.

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Incubation team for Kinect 1.0, building the first touchless 10ft UI

Moving from Ribbon to Modern UI. Lead the visual design and content teams

People cards UI metaphor took advantage of the touch & interactive medium

Microsoft is a Trillion $ multinational company with 126 Bil in revenue across cloud, enterprise, desktop and xbox.

Managed and developed Visual Design and Creative Writing teams for Lync. Initiated and led a company-wide trends initiative. Additionally was on core incubation team for early prototypes of xBox Kinect and windows phone.

Judge for Mobile UX Awards 2018
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Presenting Design at conference in Austria

Sharing Radical collaboration techniques to execs at Barcelona R&D summit

How can we expect our users to love our products if we do not put love into it @ the Auburn IDSA

I am available for selected speaking engagements. Please contact me via email or linkedin.