Happiness hack: Intermittent fasting from smartphones

Happiness hack: Intermittent fasting from smartphones

Practice “Be here now” by putting off non-urgent apps on ice for a few hours every day.

picture credits: tacoekkel

A lot of us are addicted to our phones and the hundreds of apps that notify us or distract us from being present. If your new year resolution is to spend more time with people and less with your phone, I suggest you use the multiple users feature on your Android phone (sorry iPhone guys) to create and switch to I-am-in-a-zen mode.

You can do this for a few days over the weekend or a few hours every day. You will notice that you are getting bored. You will pick up the phone and realize that you have nothing to do with it. You will also think more, be more creative and feel more connected to the world around you.

  • Under “Device” tap Users>Add user>OK
  • Once you add user, add your accounts so that you can sync contacts etc. Then you can go in and disable apps that you do not use.
  • You can be extreme and disable your mail app or just keep it and put off notifications. I disable it.
  • Your app tray could look clean and clutter free after you have purged a whole bunch of apps 🙂 and add just a few that you really need.

Read more from google about multiple users at:https://support.google.com/nexus/answer/2865483?hl=en

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